Lantern Upgrade

I must have lighting on my mind, this time in my entry. While I love the action on the walls, all that busy-ness can't distract me from the rather dreadful light fixture situation going on up on the ceiling. FullSizeRender-19





I have this *lovely* habit of buying things--for a steal of a price, bien sûr--that I don't need now but will *surely* need in the future. Such was the case when I bought this gem at the local thrift for $10.



It sat in my parents' garage for a solid four years, but I didn't forget... and I think it might just be the perfect improvement for my little entry. I know it's seen better days, but some paint and Windex (and new glass and new chain...) will do wonders, I'm convinced. (Let it be recorded that the embarrassingly vast majority of items bought as "I don't need this now but I'm sure I might maybe possibly need it sometime in the indefinite and unruly future" have yet to be transformed. Maybe I'm turning a new leaf?!)

But what color to paint? Of course, there's ample inspiration to be found on Pinterest. Here's an example in a metallic:

Hello, red:

I'm a fan of how this lantern is a bit invisible, blending into the ceiling:

Can't go wrong with black (and a two-toned Dutch door never hurts, either):

Loving this updated take on a black lantern shape:

And another great shape in black (with another fantastic Dutch door):

Stay tuned for the upgrade process! Until then, I'll be reading up on how to become an electrician...