Going Dutch

If there were ever a "summer door," I think it's the Dutch door (as shown in a previous post here). These doors can open as a regular door does, or just the top half can swing open to let in fresh air and sunshine, keeping animals out and children in. I was daydreaming about this marvelous idea and came across this how-to from HGTV for making one of your own!

I don't have a suitable door in my little apartment to turn into a Dutch door... maybe one day, but until then I have plenty of time to find beautiful inspiration!

Jenny Komenda at Little Green Notebook first introduced me to Dutch doors with this post when she was living in Brussels. So dreamy!

How beautiful is this pair of double Dutch glossy blacks? (via the great Thomas O'Brien)

This sunshine yellow just screams happiness (via Brittany Ambridge): 

This white option proves simplicity never goes out of style (and neither does that hat stand!): 

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have this terrific high gloss, multi-color number from Miles Redd (via AD):

I think this shot is just lovely:

And I will leave you with this. Mooooooo

Happy Friday!