Black and White Stripes

I must begin by saying that The Spoonful turned ONE over the weekend! Can you believe it?! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who have read this page, given suggestions, shared posts on social media, and mentioned it in person--I'm so grateful and looking forward to many more years. Without further ado..

How wonderful is this photo (pinned here) of Audrey (my idol) on the most gorgeous settee?

Black and white stripes are the epitome of classic and I adore them. Here's a round up of some favorite moments where they particularly shone:

Liza Laserow via 1st Dibs (and pinned here):

August Black's big cushions are terrific (pinned here):

How about this pair of striped sofas (pinned here), face to face, from French blogger Flodeau?

Nick Olsen painted these stripes on roller shades in his NYC apartment (pinned here). Obviously I'm obsessed. (Also obsessed with the stacked books as bedsides and with the entire apartment in general.)

And for the win... these painted walls (pinned here) via Domino. So. Good.

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